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Copper Coil Fitting

A copper coil is a small T-shaped copper and plastic intrauterine device (IUD) that works locally in the womb to prevent pregnancy. It is inserted into your womb (uterus) by a doctor in a simple procedure and protects against pregnancy for between 5 to 10 years.


It’s available in both hormonal and non-hormonal options and Dr Chavda is always happy to discuss which might be the most suitable one for you.


How does the copper coil work?


The copper coil is an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy over a number of years. The IUD releases copper ions in the uterus. This is safe for the human body but toxic to sperm and eggs. The copper interferes with the sperm’s ability to survive and travel through the cervix into the womb. This prevents the fertilisation of an egg.


The IUD can also alter the cervical mucus which makes it difficult for the sperm to penetrate. If the sperm does manage to fertilise the egg, the IUD can then prevent the egg from implanting itself in the uterus.


What are the benefits of the copper coil?


The copper coil provides effective and long-lasting protection against unwanted pregnancy. It works as soon as it is fitted. This makes it a practical option for many women looking for long term contraception. Once the coil is fitted you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take a pill or be anxious about another procedure for a number of years. This makes it a practical choice for many busy women.


With the non-hormonal coil, there are no side effects such as acne, headaches or breast tenderness. It’s safe to use the copper coil if you are breastfeeding. It doesn’t interfere with other medicines nor is its effectiveness compromised by them.  In some instances, the copper coil can help reduce the severity of period pain.

Are there any risks associated with the copper coil?


The copper coil provides safe and effective long-term contraception and any associated risks are small. Some women experience heavier and longer periods initially, but this may improve after a few months as your body adjusts.


The copper coil doesn’t provide any protection against STIs, you may still need to use condoms as well. There are slight risks of vaginal bleeding and pain, both of which stop if the copper coil is removed.


Dr Chavda can talk through any concerns you might have and can discuss which contraceptive option might be best for you.


Why choose a private copper coil fitting?


Having your copper coil fitted privately puts you in control. There’s no waiting for an appointment and you can undergo the procedure at a time your choosing. Private treatment preserves your privacy and gives you a more comfortable and relaxed experience. You are given one-on-one attention, your questions are answered and the process isn’t hurried.

Call 020 7467 8300 or email to book an initial consultation. Or you can enter your details on the online chat and Dr Lisa will personally give you call back within 4 hours.

Dr Lisa Briscoe Chavda BSc MBBS MRCP DFSRH MRCGP
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