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C1 and C2 Drivers Medicals

To book your driver's medical either use our booking form above; call 07940 306 316 or email If your preferred time or date isn't available on the booking form, call Doctor Lisa and she will be happy to try and accomodate you. 

Alternatively, Doctor Lisa can also perform your driver medical at a more conveinent place in and around North London. Please call 07940 306 316 for more information. 

What is a Drivers Medical?

A Drivers Medical (otherwise known as a D4) is a medical examination report for a lorry or bus driving licence. This is required for anyone applying for a Group 2 bus or lorry licence, or if you are applying to renew your Group 2 licence at 45. 

It must be filled out by a doctor, optician or optometrist following a medical examination of the driver in question. They will assess the driver’s eyesight, neurological health, psychological health, diabetes risk, cardiac conditions, sleep, and general physical health. 

Why choose a private doctor for this?

While many drivers may opt for their local GP, having a D4 done privately by a private doctor is the most efficient method – it is likely to be quicker, avoiding the long waitlist of a GP practice, and can work out cheaper. 

What is the D4 form?

The D4 form itself is a written record of your medical state, with details outlining whether or not you are fit and well enough to drive a LGV or PCV vehicle. It is the law that you are medically fit to drive a bus or a lorry - and as these types of vehicles usually carry a large number of passengers and weight - the importance of being mentally and physically vigilant is heightened. 

What are the different licenses?

There are however different requirements and limits depending on what type of licence you’re applying for.

  • A Class 1 (C1) driver is qualified to drive a truck over 3,500kg (C) with a trailer over 750kg (+E), essentially an articulated lorry.

  • A Class 2 (C2) driver is qualified to drive a category C vehicle, or what is frequently referred to as a rigid. 

While both licences require a D4 medical, Class 2 drivers must have a medical when applying for a provisional licence for the C category and must renew their medical every 5 years from 45 up to 65, then annually from 65. Class 1 drivers who pass their category C practical test and then apply for category C+E provisional licence will not need another medical. 

In all circumstances, if a driver gains the full entitlement a medical must be renewed every 5 years from 45 up to 65, then annually from 65.

What must you bring to your appointment?

  • D4 Medical Form

  • Photographic identification 

  • Printout of brief summary of your medical records (your GP reception can give you this).

  • Vision Assessment (page 2 of the D4 form) pre- completed by an optician.

Why choose Doctor Lisa?

So, if you’re a C1 or C2 driver looking for somewhere to complete your D4, look no further. Doctor Lisa is highly experienced in driver medicals and a competent General Practitioner providing high quality, personalised and confidential healthcare from her private clinic on Harley Street, London. If you cannot make it to Harley Street, she can also provide driver medicals in Enfield, North London. 

Your D4 will be dealt with personally from start to finish, with a thorough medical assessment and on-hand advice throughout the process. While length will depend on specific patients, the assessment is efficient and comfortable, taking no longer than 30 minutes on average.

Having your D4 completed in a safe, stylish and ultimately comforting environment is all part of the process, with luxury interiors in a prestigious area of London and a welcoming atmosphere making the visit a breeze. 

All patients must bring a D4 Medical Form (downloaded via the GOV website) with page 2 completed by an optician or optometrist, photographic ID and a printed summary of medical records. 

To book your D4, please call 07940306316 and the Doctor Lisa team will be thrilled to assist you. We can provide same day appointments and bookings, evenings and weekends. A site test will also be included if required.

Dr Lisa Briscoe Chavda BSc MBBS MRCP DFSRH MRCGP
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