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Copper Coil Removal

The two types of copper coil (Intrauterine device) provide effective contraception on a long-term basis. An IUD is a small T-shaped plastic and copper device that's put into your womb (uterus) by a medical professional and can protect against pregnancy for between 5-10 years.


IUDs are more than 99% effective when they are inserted correctly.


When should copper coils be removed?


Because of the length of time that IUDs remain effective many women decide they would like to have their copper coil removed as their circumstances change. This may be because they want to try to get pregnant or want to use another contraceptive method. Many women simply want to have their IUD removed and replaced because it has reached the end of its protective life.


When inserted correctly by a medical professional IUDs provide long-lasting, safe and pain-free contraceptive protection. If, however, you develop any pain or discomfort over time, then this may require investigation and the removal of your IUD.


Symptoms of an infection include lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, pain when urinating, painful intercourse, irregular menstruation and a fever. All of these symptoms can also be indicative of other conditions so further examination may be required before your IUD is removed.


Private coil removal is a quick, private and efficient way to have the procedure carried out.

The copper coil removal procedure


Copper coil removal is a simple and pain-free process. To remove the IUD the doctor will grasp the threads of the IUD with ring forceps. This will usually result in the arms of the IUD collapsing upward, causing the device to slide out. If the IUD doesn’t come out with a slight pull, the doctor will then remove the device using another method and will talk to you about what this involves. In such circumstances, further investigation may be required.


It’s important to remember, however, that in the vast majority of cases the IUD can be removed in the usual way without any problems or discomfort.

The advantage of private copper coil removal


Many women prefer the convenience and privacy of having their copper coil removed privately. It gives you greater flexibility when it comes to appointments making it easier to fit the procedure into a busy lifestyle.

The procedure is carried out in a relaxed and efficient way, giving you time to talk to the doctor about any concerns you might have. When you opt for private copper coil removal you have more control over the process. Private treatment preserves your privacy and ensures you have a relaxed experience. You are given one-on-one attention, your questions are answered and the process isn’t hurried.

Call 020 7467 8300 or email to book an initial consultation. Or you can enter your details on the online chat and Dr Lisa will personally give you call back within 4 hours.

Dr Lisa Briscoe Chavda BSc MBBS MRCP DFSRH MRCGP
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