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Private Contraception Doctor In London

A private contraception clinic can offer a range of contraceptive methods, but choosing the right procedure can be overwhelming. That's because you have many options, and without expert advice, it isn't easy to decide which method is best for you.

Our private family planning clinic offers various contraceptive methods tailored to your needs so that you can protect yourself from pregnancy without stress or pain.

Services Available at Doctor Lisa's Clinic

If you think you need a contraception solution, it is time to choose the right service. Here are nine safe options that Doctor Lisa offers:

  • Contraceptive Implant Insertion: With this service, you receive a small plastic device containing a progesterone hormone that prevents pregnancy by thinning the lining of the womb and lasts for three years. The cost of this procedure is £300 which includes the cost of the device, the procedure and the consultation.

  • Contraceptive Implant Removal: If for any reason you decide to remove the Nexplanon implant, this service is a solution that costs £200 and will last approximately 20 minutes. 

  • Implant Removal & New Implant Insertion: If your implant needs changing after 3 years then you can book this service. Here, the private doctor removes the implant through a small 3-5mm incision and then places a new, fresh implant in the same non-dominant arm. This will cost £450. 

  • Copper Coil Fitting: Copper Coil Fitting (IUD) is another effective option where a small, T-shaped plastic device is inserted into the uterus. This service costs only £375.

  • Copper Coil Removal: This service takes around 10 minutes and costs £175.

  • Copper Coil Removal & New Coil Fitting: You can have a new IUD inserted right after your old IUD is removed. Of course, the procedure may take longer (about 45 minutes) and costs only £500.

  • Mirena Coil Fitting: The Mirena IUS is a coil which contains progesterone hormones so it will make your periods lighter or non existent. Consult our experts to find out which option works best for you. This service costs £375.

  • Mirena Coil Removal: it's recommended that the Mirena Coil implant lasts for five years to maintain its effectiveness make sure this get replaced after that time frame. The cost is only £175

  • Mirena Coil Removal & New Coil Fitting: Similar to the copper IUD, a new Mirena implant can be inserted immediately after the removal of the old one. This will cost £500. 

Why Choose Private Contraception?

Dr. Lisa has established two Family Planning centers, including a private health clinic on Harley Street. There are many reasons why women prefer our private contraception clinic, including:

  • Convenience

  • Timeliness of services

  • Accessibility

  • Higher satisfaction rate

  • No waiting lists

  • Get in Touch Today

Finding a reliable contraception solution is crucial for reducing unsafe abortion and HIV transmissions from mothers to newborns. If you are looking for a safe and private Harley Street clinic in Marylebone, Dr. Lisa is your best option. 

She is an experienced and competent General Practitioner with specialist expertise in Family Planning (contraception). So, don't hesitate and book an appointment in a well-established Harley Street private clinic.

Dr Lisa Briscoe Chavda BSc MBBS MRCP DFSRH MRCGP
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